2003 August: Tragon @ Gate of Lions ‘zine (GR)

Q: Lord Impaler started as a black/death group but soon they completely changed their style. How do you sound like today?

A: As you said, we started as a black/death metal band, but we now play majestic black. We still have some of our death metal elements which we’re trying to reduce as we progress.

Q: What made you follow this direction?

A: It just came naturally.

Q: What are your influences?

A: We all like Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Old Man’s Child which play an important role on how we write music, but we listen to more stuff (like Emperor, Summoning…) which also gives us ideas.

Q: According to your website’s information in November 2002 Lord Impaler was a step before the end. What happened then?

A: It was a time of many misunderstandings, but it is past now and everything is fine (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger)…

Q: What is your current line-up?

A: Necroabyssuss, Lord Nebulah, Nosferatu, Azaghal and Hellthrone are now the band.

Q: I think you don’t have a drummer, a female vocalist and a bassist. Are you thinking of getting new members and if not why?

A: We now have a bassist. You know, a band is chemistry: it’s really difficult to find the appropriate persons without having problems. That’s the reason we’re not really interested in getting new full members.

Q: Is Jim “Azaghal” Kallinikos your brother?

A: Yes, he is my twin brother!

Q: Who is the mastermind of the band, who’s responsible for the majority of your compositions?

A: The decisions are taken by Necroabyssuss, Lord Nebulah and Nosferatu. As for the music, we all write stuff…

Q: Tell us about your nicknames. How did you choose them?

A: I (Necroabyssuss) used it for a radio show I did before 7 years and I still use it until today. Lord nebulah, who worships Immortal, found it in their lyrics. The others just found them, I really don’t know where and how…

Q: Lord Impaler recorded a demo in 1999 and a promo in 2001. Now a while after what do you think of these two releases? Is there anything you would change? Tell us what reviews they received.

A: We’re proud for these works. Even if they don’t sound like what we play now, they are our past. There are some things we would change, especially the production.

Q: The group is now working on new material for their upcoming full length album. Have you recorded/completed anything?

A: We have written 7/9 of the album and some tracks for other (future) use, and we have already recorded 5 tracks. Everything is going fine, even if we’re not experienced and not so well equipped… The album will be named “Mournful Dusk”, its concept is about the loss of a soul after death and some of the tracks are “Mournful Dusk”, “Final Gates”, “Travel Through Abyss”, “Breath One’s Last”, “Lightnings Of Memories”, “Eternal Wander Beyond The Unseen”. We cannot set any release dates at that time (“Agnostai Ai Voulai Tou Kyriou“). As for the other tracks, the one (“Antichristian Hordes”) is already recorded and will be probably our participation in a compilation from Lithuania. Other tracks are “Lord Impaler”, “Admire The Cosmos Black” and a nameless one.

Q: Have you contacted any company/label? Who will release the album?

A: Not yet! When the album will be ready, we will seek for a publisher, but we don’t want to get there before needed.

Q: What are your lyrics about?  What message do you want to send through your music? As far your new album is concerned, is there any concept?

A: The lyrics are about various stuff (death, snow, forests, religion, other worlds…). We don’t want to send any message through our music, we just want to express our creativity.

Q: Have you arranged any live appearance? If yes give us some information.

A: No, we don’t have the lineup to do so…

Q: This was my last question please add whatever you want.

A: Thanks for the interview, support the underground and stay metal!

Interview: Helen S.


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