2005 July: Tragon @ Headbanger mag (PERU)

Q: How would you describe your band to someone who’s never heard LORD IMPALER?

A: As a symphonic/majestic Black metal band with Norwegian influences. Sharp guitar riffs with many changes, mid-tempo passings, lots of synths and howling vocals. I guess that would do!


Q: I’m always thinkin’ about the greek black metal inspiration to write an excellent music. Do you can describe us about your inspiration & how’s the creative process of LORD IMPALER?

A: I am inspired by many different things. Mostly from my readings, because I read a lot, and different things like Philosophy, History, Occult… Other sources of inspiration are movies, music, nature and personal experiences. About the creative process now: I write lyrics, Lord Nebulah and Illuzion G. write the music and then we sit together in a room, we listen to the music, we throw what we don’t like, and then we try to apply the vocals to what’s left from the riffs. After that, Nosferatu writes the synths and the song is ready.


Q: When you created LORD IMPALER, you saw how do you liked to be reminds for the black metal banger as the best greek band or maybe to be only a good band? Are you satisfied with all done till now?

A: When I created Lord Impaler with George Hatzikidis, I had no vision in my mind for the band, all we wanted back then was to play metal. Today my vision is not to become the best black metal band, but mostly to be a respected band. That is enough for me. Although I know we could do better, yes, I am quite satisfied with our job until now…


Q: I stay cool, when I listen LORD IMPALER, very thanx for your great stuff. It’s great but I notice about how the greek sound has lost the essence, in your tracks I can feel the NORDIC influence. Are you agree with this?

A: Totally! Whatever Hellenic elements exist in our music, are there only because its part of our culture. We are big fans of the Scandinavian scene, so I think it is natural to have more Nordic influences than Hellenic.


Q: You has released ‘THE LORD IMPALER’, first demo tape some years ago, How was the response about this?

A: There was no response at all! We gave it to friends and metalheads in Kastoria and nowhere else, so there could be no response, that’s all…


Q: How do you see the musical evolution of LORD IMPALER?

A: We have become more mature as musicians, and that can be heard in the Promo 2005. Also we know what we want for our songs. Our lyrics are more serious than in the past and more poetic. I think we have done great steps these 7 years we exist, steps to more extreme music, and I’m sure we will continue to that way…


Q: What do you think the music in greece needs more?

A: The Greek scene has become more extreme than in the past. Most of the black metal bands have abandoned their Heavy metal elements, which was something like “trademark” of the Greek Black Metal, but the price for this extremity was the feeling. To me, today’s black metal has become noisy and with no essence, with a few bright exceptions, like Naer Mataron or Ravencult for example…


Q: ‘TWILIGHT WANDER’, your second attack was released on 2001, What was the difference between both works?

A: Well, in Twilight Wander we tried to play Symphonic Black, but we had many Death metal elements and the outcome wasn’t that good. In Promo 2005 we play pure Symphonic/Majestic Black metal. Also, Promo 2005 presents more mature and well worked songs, and more extreme than those of “Twilight Wander”.


Q: I’m sure which you’re totally happy with your ‘PROMO 2005’, in this work I can feel the dark, evil, faster riffs and powerful drums too!!! What was the main thing that you wanna make to gave us as show the true LORD IMPALER sound?

A: This CD is a call to war against Christianity, a revenge for the destruction of the glorious Ancient Hellenic civilization. The period we wrote the 3 of the 4 songs contained in our Promo 2005, we were filled with hate, and I think this can be heard in the CD.


Q: About your last promo, you were very solid band and accomplished of your musicians are great, it’s a perfect sound. How many time do you take to record this stuff? How was the elaborated process of tracks?

A: We did about 5 days to record these and some more songs which we finally threw. We recorded them on my Personal Computer, track by track. First we wrote the rhythm guitar, second the bass, and later the other guitars. Then Nosferatu programmed the drum machine and recorded the synths, and after that I recorded the vocals. The funny thing about this cd is the generally good sound. We recorded most of the instruments in a paper-box (!!!) and we did no mastering… I really don’t know why the sound is so good!


Q: What’s your next steps to LORD IMPALER? What do can wait the black metal fans about your next stuff? How far along are your first full length out?

A: We have enough material for a full length album, but we don’t exactly know what will be our next step. We are discussing a lot of different ideas these days, like the full length, or a 7” LP, and there is a possibility to release a split with a fellow band from Greece. We will surely release something before the end of the year, we just don’t know what will it be…


Q: What’s the mean LORD IMPALER in your life?

A: Lord Impaler is a peaceful port when all else go wrong, is the only thing that gives me pleasure when I have personal or other problems, is the only thing I can take for granted in my life, and also a way to express some things that cannot be easily expressed by other means.


Q: Any final comments to our readers?

A: Stay headbangers and support the underground! Thanx for the interview.


Interview: Rafael Iturrino Ubidia


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