2005 May: Tragon @ Blackthorn ‘zine (GR)

Q: Give us the history of Lord Impaler.

A: Lord Impaler were created in 1998 as a black/death band. In 1999 we released “The Lord Impaler” demo tape, which is only a rehearsal recorded in a tape-recorder. After many line-up changes, and with our music in a more symphonic black/death style, we released in 2001 the demo “Twilight Wander”. Then came some really difficult years for the group, we got a step before the disbanding and then we decided to take some drastic actions, not only for our music, but also to protect the band and the vision of it as well. We had to abandon all of our plans, we threw most of our old stuff, and so now we got to majestic/symphonic Black. The release of “Promo 2005” was something we had to do, firstly because we had 4 years to release anything, but also to make sure that our new stuff will not end up in the trash bin…


Q: What are your expectations from this promo?

A: This promo is mostly for the magazines, music shows and labels. We hope it can get us a contract, as well as other collaborations. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the drummer, so all our plans for live appearances are cancelled.


Q: How are things in your province? Are there people concerned about black/death metal?

A: Unfortunately, as the years pass, less people stay truly dedicated to metal. In Kastoria there are so few metalheads that everyone knows almost all the others!


Q: What are the difficulties a band has to overcome in a city like yours?

A: The first, and probably the biggest, problem we have is the lack of musicians. There are so few good musicians and most of them don’t want to play what we want. In addition, most of them have already passed from our band, so I don’t think there are alternative options if you search for a drummer, a bassist or a synth player. Another big problem is the lack of bands. When there are only 1-2 groups, you cannot expect any festivals or anything else to come in your way, and considering the fact that every pub that played metal is now closed because there are few metal fans, the prospects to promote your work are getting smaller. As for the studios… there is only one left, it is very expensive and you need a… saint by you to manage to get a rehearsal! Many friends from other bands have suggested that we have to move to a new location, and maybe this is the best we have to do. Time will tell!


Q: Do you believe that a Hellenic group today has more possibilities to succeed than in the past?

A: Yes and no. In the past it was really difficult to promote your work, extremely difficult to achieve a good production and so on, but there were so few groups that with 1-2 good releases you could become “cult”. Today everything is easier, you can be famous even by e-mail, you can have a good production without entering in a studio (as we did), but there are so many good groups out there that it is really difficult to be a considerable band and the competition is huge…


Q: From what groups are you influenced?

A: Everyone of us listen to different things and it is a bit complex, there aren’t 1-2 standard groups. I mostly listen classic and majestic black, from Burzum to Emperor and Dismal Euphony, but also some unrelated stuff like Daemonia Nymphe. Lord Nebulah is more selective and listen more “mainstream” stuff, as Dark Funeral, Infernal, Calvarium e.t.c. Nosferatu listens only symphonic stuff, from Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus to Dead Can Dance and Vangelis Papathanasiou. Illuzion G. listens to everything. From stoner-doom to extreme Death/Black and even industrial…


Q: Do you have anything to add for the end?

A: Thanx for the interview, support the underground!

Interview: Jim “Unholy Sodomizer”


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