2005 November: Tragon @ Ruthless Strategy ‘zine (THAI)

Q: Hailzzz Alex. Please introduce in “Lord Impaler” and tell to me about history of Lord Impaler?

A: Lord Impaler were created in 1998 as a death/black metal band. In 1999 we released the rehearsal demo “The Lord Impaler”. After an important line-up change and a change in our musical direction into symphonic black/death, in 2001 we released “Twilight Wander”. In 2003 we began recording our debut album “Mournful Dusk”, (which we never finished and finally thrown away). This March we decided to release our next attack, “Promo 2005”, which contains tracks we had recorded in 2003, but not intended for the album, plus a new one recorded in 2005. These days we are pre-recording our debut album “Admire The Cosmos Black”. We have already recorded about 70% and all I can say is that this will be our most mature release.


Q: If possible please give me for full views of demo 2005 to people not listen it?

A: Promo 2005 is a symphonic/majestic black metal act. The songs are mid-tempo with some atmospheric passages and quick changes to blast-beat, with howling vocals (some might say typical for what we play), sharp guitar riffs and lots of keyboards. From a technical point-of-view, the production is somehow “weak”, mainly because it is recorded in a computer and we did no mastering, but it is clear enough to hear all of the instruments.


Q: How do you destroyed to all fucking Christian in your songs?

A: Our songs radiate hate towards Christianity. Mainly because christians destroyed our ancient civilization, but also because this religion is training man to have no true feelings, no dignity and no pride. Of course our war against Christianity is mostly a spiritual one until now, and if we want to be realistic, it will probably remain so.


Q: What do you think about using Keyboards mixed with Black metal music? Someone think it should not but my opinion is use for the atmosphere…

A: To be honest, I really can’t think of Lord Impaler without keyboards… I don’t think there is something wrong with the use of keyboards or female vocals in black metal, but you have to use them right and wise. We, as a band, think a lot when we are writing a song: should we put synths here? Are they going to lead the music, or are they going to follow the guitars? Are they going to be heard, or just fill the sound? After all, even cult bands like Emperor or Burzum, or more underground like Nokturnal Mortum, used keyboards, but they used them correctly and so they still sound extreme and TRUE.


Q: What do think about Religion?

A: Most of the religions were created by weak people who wanted to feel that someone was above them to watch and guide their steps. Of course that is not the case to most pagan religions, because they were created by farmers and common folk, to thank nature for whatever gave to them. I don’t believe in any religion, but I don’t have any problem with most of them, because most of them haven’t hurt me or my nation. I specifically hate Christianity because of what did to my nation and because I live in an environment filled with it.


Q: In my county have the foolish stupid people who collect talismans about religion.  What do you think about that people?

A: In my country we have the foolish stupid people who kiss the bones of “saints”, while they laugh at the ancient Egyptian religion because they mummified their dead. In my country we also have the foolish stupid people who kiss a piece of wood with some “saint” painted on it, or buy pieces from the wooden cross of Jesus (there exist so many pieces that I tend to believe that his cross was some miles long!), or go to worship a rock where Jesus had sit before 2000 years, while they laugh at the ancient Hellenic religion because, as Christians say, our ancestors “believed in woods and rocks”. What more can I say for their stupidity?


Q: Some Christian say “Love is God”… What do you think about this thing?

A: A light reading of the Bible is enough to make you believe the opposite, but then again, Christians –especially in my country- are not famous for reading this book. They believe in this Judaic heresy with their own, blind way and with what stories they’ve heard over the years by uneducated priests.


Q: Do you think TRUE BLACK METAL have to read or get knowledge from the Book like “Lords of Chaos” or Necronomicon or not?

A: Well, it mostly depends on the lyrical concepts someone is trying to express. Since black metal is deeply connected to the occult, I think that these books are a good source of inspiration. So, I will say yes!


Q: Do you think Black Metal is the music that should be in Underground scene forever or not? And what about “some” who is change to or be in Big Labels … What do you think about it?

A: Black metal has a very healthy and active underground scene, but it is almost impossible for a band that just follows its natural evolution to stay forever underground. I don’t think it’s bad to be known out of the underground or sign in a big label, as long as you stay true to what you do. Surely a big label is a factor of pressure to play something that will attract more people and give more money to the label and the band, but it is not always the case. There are examples of bands that went to big labels and still played true black metal, and examples of true black metal bands that had their own label, and yet they betrayed their fans.


Q: What is The Black Metal in your concept?

A: Well, I believe that black metal is not just music. It is something deeper, a way of life, a philosophy. To me, black metal is my life, some of my memories and my darkest thoughts, the ones that cannot be expressed by another way.


Q: Please, suggestion you explain to someone who decide to build an own Black Metal band?

A: I don’t feel that I have that much experience to give advice to others. Anyway, the one thing I’ve learned for sure is: avoid the people that do not share your vision of the band. They’ll probably get you into a lot of trouble…


Q: What do you think about Thailand? Do you know some our Metal band and want show in Thailand?

A: I don’t know much about Thailand. I’ve seen some (beautiful I must admit) photos, but it is not enough. I only hope I will have the chance to visit your country in the future. From Thai metal bands I know only three: Endless Throne, Symphonic of Black Sculpture, and Surrender of Divinity, and I’ve only listened to the last one.


Q: Please, tell something for Thai Black Metal?

A: I really can’t tell, since I’ve only listened to one band. The one thing I’ve noticed is that, even if it is not as sophisticated as European black metal, it is totally extreme, raw and primitive, full of power and hate!!!


Q: Thank you very much Alex for this interview, I hope you good luck with your band. Any last word…

A: Thank you for the interview and the interest in Lord Impaler, and good luck with the ‘zine.

Interview: Surat “MAD” Phasuk


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