2006 March: Tragon @ Cherish the Darkness mag (THAI)

Q: Please, introduce your self for Thai Metalhead?

A: Lord Impaler is a Majestic/Symphonic black metal band from Greece. Which means that we have lots of synths, howling vocals (though we lately introduced some clean as much as some more brutal voices), sharp and melodic guitars and many, let me say, “progressive” bass parts. We are heavily inspired by the Scandinavian black metal scene, and lots of people compare us with the early Gehenna…


Q: History of your band?

A: We were formed back in 1998, and in these 7 years we have released 3 works: The Lord Impaler (1999), Twilight Wander (2001) and Promo 2005. After many member changes and a shift in our musical direction, we are now in the most creative era of the band, ready to release a 4-way split with Crossover, The Eternal Darkness and Nethescerial, and also recording our debut album “Admire The Cosmos Black”.


Q: Who’s create arrange your music and lyrics?

A: Lord Nebulah and Illuzion G. are responsible for the majority of the musical arrangements, while I am responsible for the lyrics.


Q: How many album your released out copy and next album?

A: As I said earlier, we have released 3 demos, and one of these days will be released a vinyl 4-way split with Crossover, The Eternal Darkness, Nethescerial and Lord Impaler. Our debut album is being recorded now, it contains 9 tracks, the total playing time is above 40 minutes, and will probably not be released before the end of this summer, due to some technical problems.


Q: What’s Underground Metal scene in homeland you and please recommend local band me?

A: The Hellenic scene is very good, with many high quality bands, and very active. I recommend Nocternity, Stutthof, Ravencult, Nethescerial, Morpheus and Northern Breeze if you are interested in black metal, and Mass Infection, Inveracity and Extreme Violence if you are interested in Death Metal.


Q: Your know the South East Asia scene and Thailand?

A: The last year I became aware of the Asian scene, the Thai scene in particular. I have only listened to Surrender of Divinity and Symphonic of Black Sculptures (with whom we were to release a split from Factory of Madness productions but the whole thing is paused for now), so I cannot tell you much.


Q: Tell me about gig you performed and which see show are you interested the most?

A: Well, we have only performed 2 gigs, and these are ancient history. We would like to play some more, but we don’t have a proper line-up for this.


Q: What’s response from homeland and worldwide about your stuff?

A: The response was good, this time. We usually don’t spend our time in promotion, but with Promo 2005 we did a bit more than the usual and it paid off!


Q: What’s your band influence?

A: Musically, we are influenced mostly by the Scandinavian scene. Lyrically, by our history, our ancient past, occult studies and stuff like that.


Q: Please tell us one of your favorite (band, Black Metal, Death Metal) all the time?

A: That’s a tough one… Well, one of my favorite black metal bands is Satyricon. There are so many bands that I really enjoy (like Emperor, Rotting Christ, Limbonic Art, Summoning, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral… the list is endless), but I think Satyricon is my most favorite. I am no big fan of death metal, so my favorite death metal band is plain and simple Deicide.


Q: Tell me about you homeland?

A: Hellas (a.k.a. Greece) is a European country, sunny and warm most of the time. We have a rich history, a great ancient civilization (including Democracy, Philosophy and mythology in it) and remarkable achievements. In Kastoria (the city where we live), in the archaeological excavation of Dispilio, there have been found musical instruments, boats, tools, statues and some kind of written language, 7500 years old!


Q: Please tell me about you band name, meaning?

A: Lord Impaler is a nickname of Vlad Tepes Draculea (most people know him as Dracula), prince of Wallachia. He was a cruel but just ruler, and his favorite way to give justice was impalement. That’s where the nickname came. If you are interested in his story, we have a section in our website dedicated to this man…


Q: What’s thing you do except the music band?

A: I work as a computer technician and I’m trying to finish my studies to get a degree in Informatics.


Q: What do you think about the word “cult” ?

A: Vinyl !!!


Q: You know about Thailand scene and would you like to come and have some gigs in Thailand?

A: If we had the money and the line-up for a gig in Thailand we would surely come. I hear that you have a lot of metal maniacs in there, and I know that you have many ancient temples too.


Q: What is the best show you have played and which show are you interested the most?

A: Well, naturally our second gig was far better than the first, but as I said this is ancient history. As for what show I am interested to see, Emperor!


Q: You like some accumulate zine tape cd and…etc ?

A: If I understand the question, yes!


Q: Satanic in meaning of you?

A: From my point of view, we don’t have a satanic meaning. Many of our songs are a call to war against Christianity, a religion totally strange to our civilization, rooted here by bloodshed alone. Of course in the eyes of a Christian this is totally satanic, even if we don’t believe in Satan, even if we don’t even use this word!


Q: The last question?

A: Thank you for this interview and good luck with your magazine…


Interview: BLE Envoy Death


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