Music: Twilight Wander (2001)

Twilight Wander (Demo 2001)

Twilight Wander

Promo CD 2001

1. Mournful Dusk (2:27)
2. Final Gates (4:13)
3. Travel Through Abyss (4:30)
4. Eternal Wander Beyond The Unseen (1:36)

Tragon – Vocals
Lord Nebulah – Guitars
Michael Temelkos – Synth
Paris Zois – Bass
Jim Kallinikos – Guitars
Natassa Hasapi – Female Voices
Pantelis Koulouklidis – Drums

All Music & Lyrics by Lord Impaler 1999-2001
Recorded at Grand Master Music studios April 2001
Engineered by Haris Semertzidis (R.I.P.)

Download for free HERE

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