2011 September: Lord Nebulah @ Rockoverdose.gr (GR)

Greetings and welcome to rockoverdose.gr

Q: At first tell us a few words for the band for those that don’t know you yet.

A: Lord Impaler were formed in September of 1998. In these 13 years of existence we have released 4 demos and a 4-way split in vinyl, and this year we released our first full length album. At this moment the band line-up is Tragon and Lord Nebulah.

Q: After your 2nd demo in 2001 the band went into hiatus for a while. Why did that happen? Was it a matter of misunderstanding or other personal reasons?

A: A bit of everything… Back in 2001 we had 7 members with quite different ideas. If you add personal obligations –like army or studies- to that, then you have a good recipe for ice!

Q: This year you released with your expenses your first album, which was produced by Knut M. Valle of Arcturus, while the drums were performed by Hellhammer (Mayhem/Arcturus)! How did you made it? You sure got a lot of experience from this.

A: For the production of Admire The Cosmos Black we had sent demos to some studios in Greece and the rest of Europe, and one of the positive answers came from Knut, so we decided to go to Norway. Now, the story with Hellhammer is a bit funny one: during a conversation with Knut, while we were finishing the trip arrangements, I said to him in half serious voice “you could play some solos if you like, and since you personally know Jan (Hellhammer) maybe you can tell him to play the drums too”… The rest is history… Working in the side of such legends of the genre is an experience by itself, and we sure got a lot of knowledge through it…

Q: Did you visit Norway yourselves or you just sent your material and got it back ready?

A: We were in Norway too. We worked on this album for a lot of time and we wanted to be present in the very last stage of its making too. The experiences we collected were more than valuable and will sure help us in our next steps. At this point I would like to say a few words about Knut and Jan, whose professionalism is indescribable. Jan gave a fresh air and new dynamics to our songs, and Knut gave us a very good sound. And we thank them for that.

Q: What do your fans think of the album so far? Is there any feedback or is too early?

A: People are very positive, they like the songs, they like the production and the drums. A lot of those who listen to Admire The Cosmos Black for the first time are finding it hard to believe that Lord Impaler is a Greek band from a small city like Kastoria!

Q: You are already working on your second album. When can we expect its release and what other plans are there for you? Some live shows maybe?

A: We are planning to release a split first that will reveal the overall direction of the album, but it is very early to give you some dates be it for the split or for the album… As for the live shows, we would love to, but we can’t with our current line-up. Lord Impaler are already seeking for musicians and I hope we can set foot on stage really soon.

Q: When a band consists of 1 or 2 members, the communication is sure better when it comes to the operation of the band. But isn’t this a hindrance when it comes to ideas and opinions when you get to compose/record/produce music?

A: I wouldn’t say that (at least for us). We have been through many stages (as I told you earlier, we were 7 persons at a time, pushing to at least four different directions) and I can say that under the current setup we are stronger and more creative than ever!

Q: You exist as a band for 13 years. How hard it was to get to this point? I am sure the road wasn’t really paved before you!

A: If we begin to talk about difficulties we won’t end this conversation anytime soon! An extreme metal band has a really hard time trying to make a name in a small city in Greece of the one-week-success pop music… There are no people, no metal venues and no musicians that like this genre here. What is important is patience and perseverance in doing what you like and I think we are doing fine so far.

Q: There are bands that just begin their journey into black metal. What can you say to the scene’s new blood? Any advice?

A: Never give up, always look up, and keep trying no matter what!

Thank you for your time! The last words are yours.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to present ourselves to Rock Overdose readers! Keep up the good work!
You can check our website http://www.lordimpaler.com/ for news.
You can listen to our debut album at http://lordimpaler.bandcamp.com and http://www.last.fm/music/Lord+Impaler
You can also find us at http://www.facebook.com/Lordimpalerband and http://www.myspace.com/lordimpalerband

Interview: Yngve Mortuus

source: http://www.rockoverdose.gr/news_details.php?id=6187

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