Review: Admire The Cosmos Black @ Blackened Horde zine

Every now and again some posts slip through my fingers and get posted late (if ever). This is one of those, back from March…

Blackened Horde zine screengrab

Black metal radio

Who says brutal can not be melodic? Me most of the time. While much of the aggression of Lord Impaler is due to Tragon’s vocals, which combines a rasp that has the strength of a growl with some guttural edge. Lord Impaler is definitely one of those bands who draws on many sources but does not pretend to be something it is not. Melodic Black Metal. There is a strong influence from Arcturus. Lord Impaler hired Knut Magne Valle to mix and master Admire The Cosmos Black. Lord Impaler also employed Hellhammer (ex-Mayhem) and Arcturus drummer to play drums on the album.

Admire The Cosmos Black is well produced but still has the edge of an album that that has a raw brutality. The keyboards are never overbearing and blend with all the single string melody of the guitar. Lord Impaler is not going for total speed. There is a great deal of variation most aptly displayed in the lengthy opus at the end Dreamtime Heresy. This is an album you can listen to start to finish no problem. But I will point out Antichristian Hordes as a favorite. People who are not fans of Black Metal can find something to love here. There are elements that remind me of dark symphonic metal for some reason a little Iron Maiden with the changes and melody.

Lord Impaler Hails from Greece and has been active since 1998. I think Admire The Cosmos Black is a RECOMMENDED BUY.

Tragon – Vocals
Lord Nebulah – Guitars
Void – Bass
Studio Drums – Hellhammer

Tracklist –
1. Twelve Thrones Eternal
2. Celebrating the Elder Spirits
3. Antichristian Hordes
4. Homage
5. Void
6. The Lord Impaler
7. Prometheus
8. Warchant
9. Hymn to the Nymphe*
10. Dreamtime Heresy

Rating: 9 out or 10
~Alaric Hannibal Barca



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