Review: Admire The Cosmos Black @ Bonded by Hate

This one passed completely under the radars back in 2012!

Bonded by Hate blog screengrab

Haters gonna hate!

Coming from a small town in Western Macedonia Greece, famous for its cold winter and ideal landscapes (and furs…) but not for its black metal scene, LORD IMPALER was a great surprise for me. Existing from 1998 and despite the numerous demos they recorded this is their first full length and my first contact with the band. LORD IMPALER is a trio membered from Tragon in vocals and Lord Nebulah in guitars/bass while the famous Hellhammer, yes ‘the’ Hellhammer from MAYHEM and ARCTURUS, is responsible for the drums of this album! ‘Admire the Cosmos Black’ is a very good album (with very well looked after job from Knut M. Valle, known from his work with ARCTURUS, in mixing and mastering), that shouldn’t be just an album that Hellhammer participated. Listen to ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Antichristian Hordes’ 2 of my albums’ favorite songs and try not to feel that this is a great band. Of course all songs are in a high level but the best song is undoubtedly ‘The Lord Impaler’ (a song based on a past synthesis of the band). There’s also a suitable and proud cover in DAEMONIA NYMPHE’s song ‘Hymn to the Nymphe’. ’Admire The Cosmos Black‘is an album that has nothing to be jealous of releases from the biggest names of black metal. Check them out now!



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