Review: The Serpent Seal @ Entertainment screengrab

The Internet doesn’t sit still and neither do we.

Each month we bring you a handful of unsigned bands from across the globe that deserve your attention. They run the gamut from death, black, thrash, power and progressive metal all the way to hardcore and hard rock. Born from the underground, the metal community is only as strong as its independent music scene. Support these and other unsigned bands.

Formed in 1998, this veteran Greek battalion has certainly watched trends come and go while remaining true to their biting melodic black metal. On The Serpent Seal they re-record and re-imagine four cuts from their demo days, and the resulting songs feel like they’ve carved from black ice and wrapped with barbed wire.

While the influences are audible, Lord Impaler aren’t some pastiche of frost-bitten Scandinavian black metal and Rotting Christ’s raw, scorched death.  They brandish blast beats and melodic riffage like weaponry, shifting from mid-tempo stomps to blazing Dissection passages with expertise. That’s the skill you expect from a band whose moniker implies they specialize in impaling royalty.

By Sean Frasier



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