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2006 March: Tragon @ Cherish the Darkness mag (THAI)

Q: Please, introduce your self for Thai Metalhead?

A: Lord Impaler is a Majestic/Symphonic black metal band from Greece. Which means that we have lots of synths, howling vocals (though we lately introduced some clean as much as some more brutal voices), sharp and melodic guitars and many, let me say, “progressive” bass parts. We are heavily inspired by the Scandinavian black metal scene, and lots of people compare us with the early Gehenna…


Q: History of your band?

A: We were formed back in 1998, and in these 7 years we have released 3 works: The Lord Impaler (1999), Twilight Wander (2001) and Promo 2005. After many member changes and a shift in our musical direction, we are now in the most creative era of the band, ready to release a 4-way split with Crossover, The Eternal Darkness and Nethescerial, and also recording our debut album “Admire The Cosmos Black”.


Q: Who’s create arrange your music and lyrics?

A: Lord Nebulah and Illuzion G. are responsible for the majority of the musical arrangements, while I am responsible for the lyrics.


Q: How many album your released out copy and next album?

A: As I said earlier, we have released 3 demos, and one of these days will be released a vinyl 4-way split with Crossover, The Eternal Darkness, Nethescerial and Lord Impaler. Our debut album is being recorded now, it contains 9 tracks, the total playing time is above 40 minutes, and will probably not be released before the end of this summer, due to some technical problems.


Q: What’s Underground Metal scene in homeland you and please recommend local band me?

A: The Hellenic scene is very good, with many high quality bands, and very active. I recommend Nocternity, Stutthof, Ravencult, Nethescerial, Morpheus and Northern Breeze if you are interested in black metal, and Mass Infection, Inveracity and Extreme Violence if you are interested in Death Metal.


Q: Your know the South East Asia scene and Thailand?

A: The last year I became aware of the Asian scene, the Thai scene in particular. I have only listened to Surrender of Divinity and Symphonic of Black Sculptures (with whom we were to release a split from Factory of Madness productions but the whole thing is paused for now), so I cannot tell you much.


Q: Tell me about gig you performed and which see show are you interested the most?

A: Well, we have only performed 2 gigs, and these are ancient history. We would like to play some more, but we don’t have a proper line-up for this.


Q: What’s response from homeland and worldwide about your stuff?

A: The response was good, this time. We usually don’t spend our time in promotion, but with Promo 2005 we did a bit more than the usual and it paid off!


Q: What’s your band influence?

A: Musically, we are influenced mostly by the Scandinavian scene. Lyrically, by our history, our ancient past, occult studies and stuff like that.


Q: Please tell us one of your favorite (band, Black Metal, Death Metal) all the time?

A: That’s a tough one… Well, one of my favorite black metal bands is Satyricon. There are so many bands that I really enjoy (like Emperor, Rotting Christ, Limbonic Art, Summoning, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral… the list is endless), but I think Satyricon is my most favorite. I am no big fan of death metal, so my favorite death metal band is plain and simple Deicide.


Q: Tell me about you homeland?

A: Hellas (a.k.a. Greece) is a European country, sunny and warm most of the time. We have a rich history, a great ancient civilization (including Democracy, Philosophy and mythology in it) and remarkable achievements. In Kastoria (the city where we live), in the archaeological excavation of Dispilio, there have been found musical instruments, boats, tools, statues and some kind of written language, 7500 years old!


Q: Please tell me about you band name, meaning?

A: Lord Impaler is a nickname of Vlad Tepes Draculea (most people know him as Dracula), prince of Wallachia. He was a cruel but just ruler, and his favorite way to give justice was impalement. That’s where the nickname came. If you are interested in his story, we have a section in our website dedicated to this man…


Q: What’s thing you do except the music band?

A: I work as a computer technician and I’m trying to finish my studies to get a degree in Informatics.


Q: What do you think about the word “cult” ?

A: Vinyl !!!


Q: You know about Thailand scene and would you like to come and have some gigs in Thailand?

A: If we had the money and the line-up for a gig in Thailand we would surely come. I hear that you have a lot of metal maniacs in there, and I know that you have many ancient temples too.


Q: What is the best show you have played and which show are you interested the most?

A: Well, naturally our second gig was far better than the first, but as I said this is ancient history. As for what show I am interested to see, Emperor!


Q: You like some accumulate zine tape cd and…etc ?

A: If I understand the question, yes!


Q: Satanic in meaning of you?

A: From my point of view, we don’t have a satanic meaning. Many of our songs are a call to war against Christianity, a religion totally strange to our civilization, rooted here by bloodshed alone. Of course in the eyes of a Christian this is totally satanic, even if we don’t believe in Satan, even if we don’t even use this word!


Q: The last question?

A: Thank you for this interview and good luck with your magazine…


Interview: BLE Envoy Death

2005 November: Tragon @ Ruthless Strategy ‘zine (THAI)

Q: Hailzzz Alex. Please introduce in “Lord Impaler” and tell to me about history of Lord Impaler?

A: Lord Impaler were created in 1998 as a death/black metal band. In 1999 we released the rehearsal demo “The Lord Impaler”. After an important line-up change and a change in our musical direction into symphonic black/death, in 2001 we released “Twilight Wander”. In 2003 we began recording our debut album “Mournful Dusk”, (which we never finished and finally thrown away). This March we decided to release our next attack, “Promo 2005”, which contains tracks we had recorded in 2003, but not intended for the album, plus a new one recorded in 2005. These days we are pre-recording our debut album “Admire The Cosmos Black”. We have already recorded about 70% and all I can say is that this will be our most mature release.


Q: If possible please give me for full views of demo 2005 to people not listen it?

A: Promo 2005 is a symphonic/majestic black metal act. The songs are mid-tempo with some atmospheric passages and quick changes to blast-beat, with howling vocals (some might say typical for what we play), sharp guitar riffs and lots of keyboards. From a technical point-of-view, the production is somehow “weak”, mainly because it is recorded in a computer and we did no mastering, but it is clear enough to hear all of the instruments.


Q: How do you destroyed to all fucking Christian in your songs?

A: Our songs radiate hate towards Christianity. Mainly because christians destroyed our ancient civilization, but also because this religion is training man to have no true feelings, no dignity and no pride. Of course our war against Christianity is mostly a spiritual one until now, and if we want to be realistic, it will probably remain so.


Q: What do you think about using Keyboards mixed with Black metal music? Someone think it should not but my opinion is use for the atmosphere…

A: To be honest, I really can’t think of Lord Impaler without keyboards… I don’t think there is something wrong with the use of keyboards or female vocals in black metal, but you have to use them right and wise. We, as a band, think a lot when we are writing a song: should we put synths here? Are they going to lead the music, or are they going to follow the guitars? Are they going to be heard, or just fill the sound? After all, even cult bands like Emperor or Burzum, or more underground like Nokturnal Mortum, used keyboards, but they used them correctly and so they still sound extreme and TRUE.


Q: What do think about Religion?

A: Most of the religions were created by weak people who wanted to feel that someone was above them to watch and guide their steps. Of course that is not the case to most pagan religions, because they were created by farmers and common folk, to thank nature for whatever gave to them. I don’t believe in any religion, but I don’t have any problem with most of them, because most of them haven’t hurt me or my nation. I specifically hate Christianity because of what did to my nation and because I live in an environment filled with it.


Q: In my county have the foolish stupid people who collect talismans about religion.  What do you think about that people?

A: In my country we have the foolish stupid people who kiss the bones of “saints”, while they laugh at the ancient Egyptian religion because they mummified their dead. In my country we also have the foolish stupid people who kiss a piece of wood with some “saint” painted on it, or buy pieces from the wooden cross of Jesus (there exist so many pieces that I tend to believe that his cross was some miles long!), or go to worship a rock where Jesus had sit before 2000 years, while they laugh at the ancient Hellenic religion because, as Christians say, our ancestors “believed in woods and rocks”. What more can I say for their stupidity?


Q: Some Christian say “Love is God”… What do you think about this thing?

A: A light reading of the Bible is enough to make you believe the opposite, but then again, Christians –especially in my country- are not famous for reading this book. They believe in this Judaic heresy with their own, blind way and with what stories they’ve heard over the years by uneducated priests.


Q: Do you think TRUE BLACK METAL have to read or get knowledge from the Book like “Lords of Chaos” or Necronomicon or not?

A: Well, it mostly depends on the lyrical concepts someone is trying to express. Since black metal is deeply connected to the occult, I think that these books are a good source of inspiration. So, I will say yes!


Q: Do you think Black Metal is the music that should be in Underground scene forever or not? And what about “some” who is change to or be in Big Labels … What do you think about it?

A: Black metal has a very healthy and active underground scene, but it is almost impossible for a band that just follows its natural evolution to stay forever underground. I don’t think it’s bad to be known out of the underground or sign in a big label, as long as you stay true to what you do. Surely a big label is a factor of pressure to play something that will attract more people and give more money to the label and the band, but it is not always the case. There are examples of bands that went to big labels and still played true black metal, and examples of true black metal bands that had their own label, and yet they betrayed their fans.


Q: What is The Black Metal in your concept?

A: Well, I believe that black metal is not just music. It is something deeper, a way of life, a philosophy. To me, black metal is my life, some of my memories and my darkest thoughts, the ones that cannot be expressed by another way.


Q: Please, suggestion you explain to someone who decide to build an own Black Metal band?

A: I don’t feel that I have that much experience to give advice to others. Anyway, the one thing I’ve learned for sure is: avoid the people that do not share your vision of the band. They’ll probably get you into a lot of trouble…


Q: What do you think about Thailand? Do you know some our Metal band and want show in Thailand?

A: I don’t know much about Thailand. I’ve seen some (beautiful I must admit) photos, but it is not enough. I only hope I will have the chance to visit your country in the future. From Thai metal bands I know only three: Endless Throne, Symphonic of Black Sculpture, and Surrender of Divinity, and I’ve only listened to the last one.


Q: Please, tell something for Thai Black Metal?

A: I really can’t tell, since I’ve only listened to one band. The one thing I’ve noticed is that, even if it is not as sophisticated as European black metal, it is totally extreme, raw and primitive, full of power and hate!!!


Q: Thank you very much Alex for this interview, I hope you good luck with your band. Any last word…

A: Thank you for the interview and the interest in Lord Impaler, and good luck with the ‘zine.

Interview: Surat “MAD” Phasuk

2005 July: Tragon @ Headbanger mag (PERU)

Q: How would you describe your band to someone who’s never heard LORD IMPALER?

A: As a symphonic/majestic Black metal band with Norwegian influences. Sharp guitar riffs with many changes, mid-tempo passings, lots of synths and howling vocals. I guess that would do!


Q: I’m always thinkin’ about the greek black metal inspiration to write an excellent music. Do you can describe us about your inspiration & how’s the creative process of LORD IMPALER?

A: I am inspired by many different things. Mostly from my readings, because I read a lot, and different things like Philosophy, History, Occult… Other sources of inspiration are movies, music, nature and personal experiences. About the creative process now: I write lyrics, Lord Nebulah and Illuzion G. write the music and then we sit together in a room, we listen to the music, we throw what we don’t like, and then we try to apply the vocals to what’s left from the riffs. After that, Nosferatu writes the synths and the song is ready.


Q: When you created LORD IMPALER, you saw how do you liked to be reminds for the black metal banger as the best greek band or maybe to be only a good band? Are you satisfied with all done till now?

A: When I created Lord Impaler with George Hatzikidis, I had no vision in my mind for the band, all we wanted back then was to play metal. Today my vision is not to become the best black metal band, but mostly to be a respected band. That is enough for me. Although I know we could do better, yes, I am quite satisfied with our job until now…


Q: I stay cool, when I listen LORD IMPALER, very thanx for your great stuff. It’s great but I notice about how the greek sound has lost the essence, in your tracks I can feel the NORDIC influence. Are you agree with this?

A: Totally! Whatever Hellenic elements exist in our music, are there only because its part of our culture. We are big fans of the Scandinavian scene, so I think it is natural to have more Nordic influences than Hellenic.


Q: You has released ‘THE LORD IMPALER’, first demo tape some years ago, How was the response about this?

A: There was no response at all! We gave it to friends and metalheads in Kastoria and nowhere else, so there could be no response, that’s all…


Q: How do you see the musical evolution of LORD IMPALER?

A: We have become more mature as musicians, and that can be heard in the Promo 2005. Also we know what we want for our songs. Our lyrics are more serious than in the past and more poetic. I think we have done great steps these 7 years we exist, steps to more extreme music, and I’m sure we will continue to that way…


Q: What do you think the music in greece needs more?

A: The Greek scene has become more extreme than in the past. Most of the black metal bands have abandoned their Heavy metal elements, which was something like “trademark” of the Greek Black Metal, but the price for this extremity was the feeling. To me, today’s black metal has become noisy and with no essence, with a few bright exceptions, like Naer Mataron or Ravencult for example…


Q: ‘TWILIGHT WANDER’, your second attack was released on 2001, What was the difference between both works?

A: Well, in Twilight Wander we tried to play Symphonic Black, but we had many Death metal elements and the outcome wasn’t that good. In Promo 2005 we play pure Symphonic/Majestic Black metal. Also, Promo 2005 presents more mature and well worked songs, and more extreme than those of “Twilight Wander”.


Q: I’m sure which you’re totally happy with your ‘PROMO 2005’, in this work I can feel the dark, evil, faster riffs and powerful drums too!!! What was the main thing that you wanna make to gave us as show the true LORD IMPALER sound?

A: This CD is a call to war against Christianity, a revenge for the destruction of the glorious Ancient Hellenic civilization. The period we wrote the 3 of the 4 songs contained in our Promo 2005, we were filled with hate, and I think this can be heard in the CD.


Q: About your last promo, you were very solid band and accomplished of your musicians are great, it’s a perfect sound. How many time do you take to record this stuff? How was the elaborated process of tracks?

A: We did about 5 days to record these and some more songs which we finally threw. We recorded them on my Personal Computer, track by track. First we wrote the rhythm guitar, second the bass, and later the other guitars. Then Nosferatu programmed the drum machine and recorded the synths, and after that I recorded the vocals. The funny thing about this cd is the generally good sound. We recorded most of the instruments in a paper-box (!!!) and we did no mastering… I really don’t know why the sound is so good!


Q: What’s your next steps to LORD IMPALER? What do can wait the black metal fans about your next stuff? How far along are your first full length out?

A: We have enough material for a full length album, but we don’t exactly know what will be our next step. We are discussing a lot of different ideas these days, like the full length, or a 7” LP, and there is a possibility to release a split with a fellow band from Greece. We will surely release something before the end of the year, we just don’t know what will it be…


Q: What’s the mean LORD IMPALER in your life?

A: Lord Impaler is a peaceful port when all else go wrong, is the only thing that gives me pleasure when I have personal or other problems, is the only thing I can take for granted in my life, and also a way to express some things that cannot be easily expressed by other means.


Q: Any final comments to our readers?

A: Stay headbangers and support the underground! Thanx for the interview.


Interview: Rafael Iturrino Ubidia

2005 May: Tragon @ Behind the Veil webzine (GR)

Q: First of all give us a short band bio and introduce the line up to the readers.

A: Lord Impaler were created in September 1998. We played something between black and death metal back then. In 1999 we released our first demo, under the title “The Lord Impaler”, which is a bad recording of a rehearsal and you can hardly hear what we play! Anyway, it never reached to any magazines and only a few people had it, mostly our friends. The same year we gave our first gig. A night to remember, where funny (at least, if not stupid) things happened. In 2001 we released our second demo, “Twilight Wander”. Again, this was only a recorded rehearsal, but with better sound and much more worked tracks. The following years was a time of troubles. Much happened, and it is expected when a band have seven members! But the fact is that we survived. And today as a quartet we released the “Promo 2005”, which is our best release, as I see it, more mature, and away from the mistakes of the past. Our line-up today is Necroabyssuss (vocals), Lord Nebulah (guitars), Nosferatu (synth) and Illuzion G. (bass).


Q: You belong to the extreme, primitive and old school black metal with a strong Norwegian flavor. Do you agree with me? Why have you chosen to play this specific kind and name some of the bands and albums that have offered you “guidance” towards this direction.

A: Actually, I don’t think that our music is so primitive or old school, but surely is far away from modern “intelligent” black metal. We like the 1994-95 era of black metal, and this is easily understood when you listen to our material. As for the Norwegian flavor, I guess it is the climate and the environment of Kastoria which is cold and green, with mountains and the lake and rivers… Even more, I think it is because the Hellenic scene has only a handful of albums in the style we like and today’s scene is even more distant. So it is a bit natural that we sound more like a Norwegian or Swedish band. The albums that “guided” us to this point are Emperor’s “In the nightside eclipse”, Satyricon’s “Nemesis Divina”, Immortal’s “Battles in the North”, Marduk’s “Panzer Division Marduk”, Dark Funeral’s “Secrets of the Black Arts”, Dimmu Borgir’s “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” and Summoning’s “Stronghold”. From there on, everyone of us has different listenings and inspirations…


Q: Nowadays Black metal is quite popular in the metal scene, but not the kind you play. I’m talking about all those atmospheric black metal bands with keyboards that sound either like Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir. What do you think of such bands and how do you “see” the contemporary black metal scene to be? Do you think there is space for bands like you?

A: To be honest, I don’t have anything against bands like these, I just don’t like Cradle of Filth, and naturally I cannot like their clones too. I really like keyborads and female voices in black metal, but this must be done properly. And even if I am ashamed to admit it, we never used correctly the female vocals, when we had a singer… As for the contemporary scene I expect it to be more… noisy. I don’t like this “noise for the noise” attitude, I want something meaningful, or else I don’t hear it… Hopefully, as long as there are people like me, there will always be a place for bands like Lord Impaler.


Q: Your compositions are very dark and aggressive with frozen riffs and a demonic atmosphere accompanied by some twisted black metal screams. However, if you were given the chance to present and review your demo, what would you say, trying to be as objective as possible?

A: Thanx for your kind words! First of all, this is our most extreme and mature release. The songs are well worked and with lots of riffs and many changes from blast to mid-tempo sections. Musically, we are playing a mixture of majestic/symphonic Black metal, with howling vocals. Some people compare us with bands like Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir, I guess because they have used to think that every band that uses keyboards will sound somewhat like these bands. From my point of view, I see that we have a basic difference from bands like the above: while they have a simple guitar line and leave the synths to build all the atmosphere (or vice-versa), we have complex guitar riffs, a bit too sharp for symphonic black, but also we give huge free space to the synths to expand our music and not only follow in the background. The production is a bit “weak” since we recorded the promo in my house on a PC and we did no mastering. Finally, there are some obvious faults in the drum machine.


Q: Tell us a few things for the lyrical content of the demo by introducing each song. Which are your sources of inspiration?

A: “Antichristian Hordes” is a call to war against the religion of “Love”, the same that destroyed our glorious ancient civilization some centuries ago. The song “The Lord Impaler” is a tribute to Vlad III Draculea, who “built” us a great name for the band. “Admire the Cosmos Black” is only a darker perspective of the natural world, and a promise that we will be near our ancestors wherever they are, may that be the stars of the sky or the flames of hell! My basic source of inspiration is reading. I read a lot and for many things, but my favorite are history (especially the Hellenic), the occult, and philosophy. Other sources are movies, music and images of nature, be it printed or seen with my own eyes.


Q: What’s the best and what’s the worst part in your music, according to you? Where do you think you need further improvement?

A: I cannot break our music into best and worst parts. I like it all as it is. I guess we need to improve our sound (actually we haven’t yet explored all of its aspects), and the drums.


Q: Have you sent the demo to any labels and zines? What kind of feedback have you received till now? Are you under negotiation with any label?

A: We have sent it to many companies and magazines in many countries. We are “flattered” by the feedback we have received, as most comments are excellent. We are not under negotiation with any labels, but we haven’t yet heard of all who got our promo.


Q: What is the best and what the worst comment you’ve received?

A: The best was something like “WoW! I don’t believe in my ears!” and the worst “Get rid of this silly drum-machine!!!”, but it was a fair comment, so we’re not offended.


Q: You haven’t got a cover artwork, but instead you only have the band logo, which by the way is very beautiful. Why? Do you think that your music could only be presented with a plain cover or are there any other reasons behind that?

A: I believe that a good cover is important, because it completes a good album. If our music was bad to hear, I don’t know how could a good cover help it! I think our music can be presented without a cover, but the main reason we actually did that was the time and the cost. A better artwork would cost almost 8 times more, and since we give this promo for free, we had to do it that way, not to mention the extra work-hours for us to prepare it…


Q: If your music were an emotion, what would it be? if it were a painting, what would it show?

A: I guess the strongest emotions of our music are Scorn and hate (against Christianity). As for the painting, I have in my mind an image from my summer vacations in the mountains of Kastoria. I think it is good for our music and given the opportunity it might become a good cover for a forthcoming release: It is a river, sliding as a noisy snake among two hills filled with trees, reflecting the fullmoon that shines above it!


Q: Things are difficult in Greece. I’ve come to realize quite many years now that few greek metallers support the scene. Have you realized that or do you think metalheads supported you?

A: It is true that most of the metallers are more concerned in getting albums of big groups such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest than supporting their own country’s scene. I wonder, can’t they see that in few years these bands will meet their end? Who will take the lead then? Surely, someone from the underground. I believe it is important to support the underground scene if we want to have a future as music kind!


Q: Are there any plans for live shows in the horizon or do you think it’s too difficult for a Greek band?

A: It is not difficult to play live, it is most like a game “the right person in the right place at the right time” thing. If you meet the right persons you can play in many important gigs… Unfortunately, we have problems finding a good drummer, so we had to cancel all plans for live appearances.


Q: Let’s suppose that suddenly one day electricity ceased to exist. What do you think would happen to Heavy Metal music? How would such a world be?

A: Funny you ask that, since Lord Nebulah’s studies are in this subject!!! I guess the world would be relaxing without all these unfriendly noises most of the electric devises do… The celtic and pagan music would for a first time be extremely popular and achieve great things! And when we feel bored, there are always Alternative power sources such as the solar, or the hydroelectric to continue from where we stopped…


Q: If you could invite famous musicians to participate in your album, who would you choose and why?

A: First of all a good drummer, since we don’t have one. I guess Hellhammer would be perfect for the job. I can’t think anyone else at this time…Well, maybe Samoth if I had to call someone from the guitarists “class”, Silenius and Vikernes for the vocals…


Q: What title would you like this interview to have?

A: I don’t know… How about “Nordic Confession”?


Q: Thank you! Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

A: I want to thank you for the interview and the interest in Lord Impaler. Support The Underground!


Interview: Christine Parastatidou

2005 May: Tragon @ Blackthorn ‘zine (GR)

Q: Give us the history of Lord Impaler.

A: Lord Impaler were created in 1998 as a black/death band. In 1999 we released “The Lord Impaler” demo tape, which is only a rehearsal recorded in a tape-recorder. After many line-up changes, and with our music in a more symphonic black/death style, we released in 2001 the demo “Twilight Wander”. Then came some really difficult years for the group, we got a step before the disbanding and then we decided to take some drastic actions, not only for our music, but also to protect the band and the vision of it as well. We had to abandon all of our plans, we threw most of our old stuff, and so now we got to majestic/symphonic Black. The release of “Promo 2005” was something we had to do, firstly because we had 4 years to release anything, but also to make sure that our new stuff will not end up in the trash bin…


Q: What are your expectations from this promo?

A: This promo is mostly for the magazines, music shows and labels. We hope it can get us a contract, as well as other collaborations. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the drummer, so all our plans for live appearances are cancelled.


Q: How are things in your province? Are there people concerned about black/death metal?

A: Unfortunately, as the years pass, less people stay truly dedicated to metal. In Kastoria there are so few metalheads that everyone knows almost all the others!


Q: What are the difficulties a band has to overcome in a city like yours?

A: The first, and probably the biggest, problem we have is the lack of musicians. There are so few good musicians and most of them don’t want to play what we want. In addition, most of them have already passed from our band, so I don’t think there are alternative options if you search for a drummer, a bassist or a synth player. Another big problem is the lack of bands. When there are only 1-2 groups, you cannot expect any festivals or anything else to come in your way, and considering the fact that every pub that played metal is now closed because there are few metal fans, the prospects to promote your work are getting smaller. As for the studios… there is only one left, it is very expensive and you need a… saint by you to manage to get a rehearsal! Many friends from other bands have suggested that we have to move to a new location, and maybe this is the best we have to do. Time will tell!


Q: Do you believe that a Hellenic group today has more possibilities to succeed than in the past?

A: Yes and no. In the past it was really difficult to promote your work, extremely difficult to achieve a good production and so on, but there were so few groups that with 1-2 good releases you could become “cult”. Today everything is easier, you can be famous even by e-mail, you can have a good production without entering in a studio (as we did), but there are so many good groups out there that it is really difficult to be a considerable band and the competition is huge…


Q: From what groups are you influenced?

A: Everyone of us listen to different things and it is a bit complex, there aren’t 1-2 standard groups. I mostly listen classic and majestic black, from Burzum to Emperor and Dismal Euphony, but also some unrelated stuff like Daemonia Nymphe. Lord Nebulah is more selective and listen more “mainstream” stuff, as Dark Funeral, Infernal, Calvarium e.t.c. Nosferatu listens only symphonic stuff, from Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus to Dead Can Dance and Vangelis Papathanasiou. Illuzion G. listens to everything. From stoner-doom to extreme Death/Black and even industrial…


Q: Do you have anything to add for the end?

A: Thanx for the interview, support the underground!

Interview: Jim “Unholy Sodomizer”

2003 August: Tragon @ Gate of Lions ‘zine (GR)

Q: Lord Impaler started as a black/death group but soon they completely changed their style. How do you sound like today?

A: As you said, we started as a black/death metal band, but we now play majestic black. We still have some of our death metal elements which we’re trying to reduce as we progress.

Q: What made you follow this direction?

A: It just came naturally.

Q: What are your influences?

A: We all like Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Old Man’s Child which play an important role on how we write music, but we listen to more stuff (like Emperor, Summoning…) which also gives us ideas.

Q: According to your website’s information in November 2002 Lord Impaler was a step before the end. What happened then?

A: It was a time of many misunderstandings, but it is past now and everything is fine (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger)…

Q: What is your current line-up?

A: Necroabyssuss, Lord Nebulah, Nosferatu, Azaghal and Hellthrone are now the band.

Q: I think you don’t have a drummer, a female vocalist and a bassist. Are you thinking of getting new members and if not why?

A: We now have a bassist. You know, a band is chemistry: it’s really difficult to find the appropriate persons without having problems. That’s the reason we’re not really interested in getting new full members.

Q: Is Jim “Azaghal” Kallinikos your brother?

A: Yes, he is my twin brother!

Q: Who is the mastermind of the band, who’s responsible for the majority of your compositions?

A: The decisions are taken by Necroabyssuss, Lord Nebulah and Nosferatu. As for the music, we all write stuff…

Q: Tell us about your nicknames. How did you choose them?

A: I (Necroabyssuss) used it for a radio show I did before 7 years and I still use it until today. Lord nebulah, who worships Immortal, found it in their lyrics. The others just found them, I really don’t know where and how…

Q: Lord Impaler recorded a demo in 1999 and a promo in 2001. Now a while after what do you think of these two releases? Is there anything you would change? Tell us what reviews they received.

A: We’re proud for these works. Even if they don’t sound like what we play now, they are our past. There are some things we would change, especially the production.

Q: The group is now working on new material for their upcoming full length album. Have you recorded/completed anything?

A: We have written 7/9 of the album and some tracks for other (future) use, and we have already recorded 5 tracks. Everything is going fine, even if we’re not experienced and not so well equipped… The album will be named “Mournful Dusk”, its concept is about the loss of a soul after death and some of the tracks are “Mournful Dusk”, “Final Gates”, “Travel Through Abyss”, “Breath One’s Last”, “Lightnings Of Memories”, “Eternal Wander Beyond The Unseen”. We cannot set any release dates at that time (“Agnostai Ai Voulai Tou Kyriou“). As for the other tracks, the one (“Antichristian Hordes”) is already recorded and will be probably our participation in a compilation from Lithuania. Other tracks are “Lord Impaler”, “Admire The Cosmos Black” and a nameless one.

Q: Have you contacted any company/label? Who will release the album?

A: Not yet! When the album will be ready, we will seek for a publisher, but we don’t want to get there before needed.

Q: What are your lyrics about?  What message do you want to send through your music? As far your new album is concerned, is there any concept?

A: The lyrics are about various stuff (death, snow, forests, religion, other worlds…). We don’t want to send any message through our music, we just want to express our creativity.

Q: Have you arranged any live appearance? If yes give us some information.

A: No, we don’t have the lineup to do so…

Q: This was my last question please add whatever you want.

A: Thanks for the interview, support the underground and stay metal!

Interview: Helen S.