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Review: CBTWE @ Rocka Rolla webzine

Lord Impaler, the most veteran in these proceedings, was the band that I liked most of the three, thanks to their orthodox and tight black metal, and even say that has a hint of groove in their music. Definitely a band I’d like to hear more in the future.
Como siempre comento en estos casos, el Split es una excelente forma de darse a conocer para las bandas que carecen de los recursos para editar un álbum por si solas. En general es así (puede haber otras concepciones), pero también sirve para fomentar la camaradería entre bandas del mismo palo.

En este caso, tenemos tres bandas griegas enroladas en el metal extremo, arrancando Dizziness con dos temas de puro black bien agresivo y brutal, standard pero efectivo.

Lord Impaler, la más veterana en estas lides, fue la banda que más me gustó de las tres, merced a su black ortodoxo y ajustado, y hasta diría que tiene una pizca de groove en su música. Definitivamente una banda de la que me gustaría escuchar más en un futuro.
Por ultimo tenemos a Hell Poemer, los cuales dotan a su black extremo de una dosis épica y hasta me atrevería a decir sinfónica, interesante banda también.
En síntesis, tres bandas con un hilo conductor pero que sin embargo muestran sus características propias, redundando en 36 minutos de buen black metal underground.
Javier Salaverry

Review: CBTWE @ Metal Invader


It is known that in recent years in our country, there is an upward trend in releases of extreme sound, in terms of both quality and quantity. Within this context, it is worth turning our attention to last March, the month during which a 3-way-split between Lord Impaler, Dizziness and Hell Poemer was released, including two tracks from each band (six pieces total).

The album opens with the Athenians Dizziness, with the songs “Goddess Of The Moon” and “Harpies”, lasting about seven minutes each. The first track is quite dark, walking in the paths of the traditional “fast” Black Metal, with a melodious passage somewhere in the middle of it. It has good scalability and synthetic sequence, which in combination with the “spatial” of their aura, make the music sound transcendent. The screaming vocals and theatricality displayed, add passion to the track. The second song is a bit more epic, especially from the third minute onwards. More straightforward and a bit more “catchy” in terms of rhythms and riff. Of course, the term used has no negative connotations or color. In this track we have a guest appearance by Iapetos 666 / Unholy Archangel and Kerveros / Athos on vocals.

Lord Impaler from Kastoria follow up next, with “A Fire That Burns” and a cover of “Call From The Grave”. True to their origins and style, Lord Impaler do not deviate from the nature of their music. The first track starts quickly, having strong dynamics and catchy / smart guitars, supported by robust drums, which seem to be the backbone of the piece. There are several variations to the rhythm and an interesting recitation in Greek language in the middle of the track. The second piece that Lord Impaler have included is a cover of Bathory’s “Call From The Grave”, where they experimented a little. They brought the piece to their action, putting their own touch. They increased the rhythms in some parts and played a bit with the guitars. They essentially did an adaptation of the song, not another cover.

Hell Poemer from Ioannina are next. This is their first release after their first full length album “Arcane Mysteries of Dead Ancestors”. Their first track here, “The Sacral Knot of Hierophant” belongs to the category of fast Black Metal, but includes woodwinds, keyboards and choral vocals. It has nice guitar passages and a beautiful outro that blends nicely with the rest of the composition. Even though in synthetic and style terms it’s different from the pieces that preceded it, it leaves a nice impression to the listener. In their second song “My Dreams Will Stay Frozen On The Mountains”, I felt that the vocals are buried somewhere in the background, with the keys to dominate the final sonic outcome. This could be the way the band wanted this track to sound, no objection to that, however I fell that this way the track can’t unfold its dynamic as it should / need. Great effort, nonetheless.

This three way split release between Lord Impaler, Dizziness and Hell Poemer, can find a place in the collection of every Black Metal enthusiast, especially of those who like it the Greek way. Remarkable effort by all three of the groups. It will please many of you. Check!

4.5 / 6

Elpida Baphomet

source: http://metalinvader.net/lord-impaler-dizziness-hell-poemer-carved-by-the-winds-eternal/

Review: CBTWE @ Battle Helm


Just from reading the band names on this split I get the impression that I could be up for some weird twists musically. Which could make for a really cool split or time that I will never get back. But then I can be totally wrong. This is apparently a three way split of Greek black metal bands.

And that might be why DIZZINESS sounded so familiar. Not that I remember having heard them before. Black metal with a very clear attack. Brutal as fuck.

LORD IMPALER does sound like a blackened metal band just by name and in sound they are that too. There is more of a thrashy feel to their black metal.

HELL POEMER has a more epic touch to their black metal without being symphonic or bombastic.

As a split this really works as you get three different approaches to black metal.

Anders Ekdahl

source: http://battlehelm.com/reviews/dizzinesslord-impalerhell-poemer-carved-by-the-winds-eternal/

Review: CBTWE @ Crossfire-metal.de

“Lord Impaler, with their furious Black Metal, especially remind with their guitar work the Swedish hordes like Dark Funeral.”


Hier teilen sich drei coole, griechische Underground Black Metal-Bands diese 3er-Split-CD, die es zuvor nur digital und als Kassettenversion gab, mit jeweils zwei neuen Songs. Den Anfang machen die 2008 gegründeten Dizziness, deren zweites Demo „Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur“ ich als Original-Demotape besitze. Ihre beiden Songs dauern jeweils sieben Minuten und können voll überzeugen. Hier herrschen düstere Atmosphären und klirrende Kälte. Schöne Gitarrenläufe werden gepaart mit schnellem Schlagzeug und dämonischem Black Metal-Gesang. Lord Impaler erinnern mit ihrem rasenden Black Metal vor allem durch ihre Gitarrenarbeit an schwedische Horden wie Dark Funeral. Der Drumsound klingt etwas steril, stört aber nicht. Zum Schluss geben sich Hell Poemer die Ehre, die dem typischen Hellenen Black Metal-Sound von allen dreien am nächsten kommen. Atmosphärische Synthies gibt es genauso wie die ureigene Atmosphäre, die irgendwie nur die Griechen hinbekommen. Ihre beiden Songs sind ein schauriger Soundtrack, der an die glorreichen Tage ihrer Landsleute von Varathron, Kawir oder Tatir erinnert. Wer griechischen Black Metal generell mag, sollte sich diese drei eher unbekannten Bands dieses Landes ruhig mal geben!

Note: 8 von 10 Punkten
Autor: Daniel Müller

source: http://www.crossfire-metal.de/14809-0-DIZZINESS-LORD-IMPALER-HELL-POEMER–CARVED-BY-THE-WINDS-ETERNAL.html

Review: CBTWE @ Voices from the DarkSide


The best song on this three-way split release is the BATHORY cover ‘Call From The Grave’. Believe me, I have been listening to this output a dozen of times. All bands are hailing from Greece and are playing Black Metal without any remarkable or characteristic elements. The songs are well-played and the sound is adequate, but there is an eminent lack of individuality. In fact I could not make out which band was playing when I listened to a random track of “Carved By The Winds Eternal”. Maybe the problem is that every band is featured with just two songs and therefore can not unfold their unique power. Whatever, personally I do not like this output and if you are not a follower of one of the bands or Black Metal from Greece in general you better save your money for something else.

Mirco Szymyslik

source: http://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de/Albums-EPs-Demos/D/DIZZINESS-LORD-IMPALER-HELL-POEMER–10672.html

Review: CBTWE @ Dark-World.ru

Lord Impaler are the most senior representatives of the “split”, […] in this case their black prayers very well summon the clouds of hatred and misanthropy. […] To summarize, I would say that the split is really very strong and has no flaws.

–Google translated summary


Сплит из трех греческих команд, которые очень схожи по духу. И дело тут даже не в том, что все трое играют один жанр, а в том, что настрой композиций очень схож и слушается все не как какой-то сборник, а как вполне полноценный альбом. Крепкий, как скала, и очень атмосферный, словно лес после дождя.

Первую группу, думаю, особо представлять не стоит, ведь в наших краях о ней наверняка знает почти каждый уважающий себя металлист. Коллектив играет довольно мелодичный классический блэк с частыми переходами на захватывающую дух эпичность. В данном случае два трека, которые представляет Dizziness, именно так и распланированы. Т.е. если “Goddess Of The Moon” – это сплошная мелодика, без всякой агрессии и больше отдающая печалью и задумчивостью, то второй трек – это уже идеальный провожатый Rotting Christ. Присущая музыке хтоническая заколдованность так и извивается черным змеем, а во второй половине даже можно найти раммштайновский рифф из “Keine Lust”, который, конечно же, звучит совсем не по-берлински.

А вот вторая группа уже не кружит голову средневековой эпикой и звучит более жестоко и прямолинейно. Lord Impaler являются самыми старшими представителями “раскола”, но за время существования издали всего один полноформатник. Не знаю, что они выдают на альбоме, но в данном случае их черные молитвы очень хорошо созывают тучи ненависти и настоящей мизантропии. Во втором треке я даже услышал кое-какую схожесть с австралийским проектом Nocturnal, отчего мне вновь захотелось его переслушать. Думаю, что надо будет в ближайшее время обязательно ознакомиться и с их полноформатом.

Группа Hell Poemer же, помимо агрессии, в своей музыке использует большое количество клавиш, отчего звучит более сказочно и мистично. Тут они решили даже разделить свой материал на так называемые “боевик” и “балладу”. Это я к тому, что первый трек бушует, словно разъяренный ураган, разнося в клочья буквально все, что попадается на пути. А вторая тема, словно сон, уносит слушателя по волнам мечтаний и внутренних переживаний. Симфоника всех песен также очень гармонично разбавлена соло-партиями и хоралами, делая 10 минут своего звучания очень разнообразными и быстро пролетающими. Быстро пролетающий момент, конечно, не очень радует, но уж буду довольствоваться тем, что есть.

Подводя итог, скажу, что сплит действительно очень крепкий и не имеет никаких изъянов. Все три группы поработали на славу, оставив после себя очень красочные, а главное запоминающиеся эмоции. Но если мне будет задан вопрос, кто все же лучший, то я, наверное, все-таки склонюсь в сторону Hell Poemer.

Review: CBTWE @ Lords of Metal

2016-09-04 lordsofmetal

‘Carved By The Winds Eternal’ is threeway split album by the Greek acts Dizziness, Lord Impaler and Hell Poemer.

Dizziness delivers the first two tracks. They play traditional black metal with quite an epic feel in the slower parts. The melodies are quite melancholy at times and Dizziness offers a rather enjoyable overall experience akin to early Rotting Christ.

Lord Impaler too offers two tracks of which one is a cover of Bathory’s ‘Call From The Grave’. Lord Impaler plays black metal with a high dose melodic death metal influences and as such sounds akin to Naglfar. Played with conviction and passion, but slightly too generic to impress.

The final two songs are by Hell Poemer. A band that dabbles with a more symphonic style of black metal to create a larger than life atmosphere. With a similar melodic style as Rotting Christ and a Dimmu Borgir-like approach to song-writing Hell Poemer sounds quite modern and energetic. Heavy on the synths and melodies Hell Poemer is quite accessible, but also a slightly generic.

As a whole the ‘Carved By The Winds Eternal’ serves its purpose well: to introduce three unknown Greek acts simultaneously and while these are hardly groundbreaking the overall impression is quite positive.

Roel De Haan: 72/100

source: http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/en/reviews/view/id/32750