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News digest: Summer 2014

This has been a busy summer for Lord Impaler. We have a new EP in the making, a CD reissue, new music from the second full length (also in the making) and a bunch of interesting interviews. Read on…

The Serpent Seal anniversary EP

The Serpent Seal anniversary EP

— In June we began mixing our upcoming anniversary EP named “The Serpent Seal – Το αρχέγονο σκότος επιστρέφει“. As you may already know, this year marks the 15 years since our first demo tape got released in our hometown metal circles, and we are planning to celebrate with this EP made with tracks from our first 3 demos, only this time with proper sound…

The tracklist is: Dying, Final Gates, Travel Through Abyss and Admire The Cosmos Black. The mixing and mastering are being done by Tom Kvallsvol at Strype Audio, Oslo, Norway. A fantastic job as far as we can tell.

— Last year we signed a deal with the US based label Unmerciful Death productions for the reissue of our debut album “Admire The Cosmos Black“, both in CD and in vinyl format. In July 25 it was time to deliver, as U.D.p. released the CD version of the album. We have no ETA for the vinyl, but probably it won’t take too long.

For more info on that release visit http://www.lordimpaler.com/promo/admire-the-cosmos-black/

— In August we got our new rehearsal room ready. We are ramping things up as we prepare for a show this year and this one was a major step in this direction. We can’t tell for sure if we will be able to step on a stage after all, but we did get a new teaser video shot in there. So if you want a piece of the action AND a taste of our follow up album “In Full Regalia” watch the embedded video!

— Finally, as we wrap things up, these are some new interviews that you will most certainly find interesting. They cover a lot of our future plans as you read them here, but as with all interviews, there are more things in there to keep you reading…






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