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Mini-review: The Serpent Seal @ Metal Bandcamp

Andy Osborn wrote a little something for the Greek black metal scene and mentioned our latest EP too. It goes like this:

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The ‘Year of Hellenic darkness’ on Metal Bandcamp

A band who has mastered the art of short releases, Lord Impaler have been going strong for 15 years yet only have one full-length under their bullet belts. Just like last year’s impressive Babylon Whore EP, The Serpent Seal is full of shorter songs that constantly switch things up. Consisting of re-recordings from their early days, this is a great little release for those with melodic sensibilities who like to be kept on their toes.

source: http://metalbandcamp.com/2015/01/the-year-of-hellenic-darkness.html

Review: The Serpent Seal @ Metal Invader (GR)

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Promoting Extreme Music since 1996

Genre : Black Metal
Country : Greece
Label : Self-released
Year : 2014

The ranks of Greek black metal are multitudinous and Lord Impaler stand well as one legit and respectable act in the scene. To celebrate their fifteen years of releases (1999-2014) they decided to put out The Serpent Seal EP, which actually contains re-recordings of their early stuff, including “Dying” from their 1999 self-titled demo, “Final Gates” and “Travel Through Abyss” from the Twilight Wonder demo and “Admire the Cosmos Black” from the 2005 promo.

Despite being active for so many years, they have only released one full length in 2011 and their last releases have been EPs and splits (featuring 2013’s notable Babylon Whore) so most of the fans should be eager to finally get a second full record. Naturally, the sound on The Serpent Seal is significantly improved, mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll during July and November 2014.

Lord Impaler has always played direct black metal with melodic riffs and influences from the northern scene and the Scandinavian bands. The polished production will please the ears of all their fans and the quality of the compositions is surely above average, showing how the band had the skills to write nice material from the start.

The band uses a real drummer this time (no drum machine anymore) and his effort is satisfying. There are some blast beat moments and they work perfectly with the tracks, making me wish it had more of that technique in record. The vocals are the regular shrieks while the guitar lines are the most interesting, featuring a lot of traditional, great riffs.

All in all, the tracks on The Serpent Seal have been revisited to an extent it’s awesome even as a new release and the whole package is more accessible and proffesional. Everyone into Greek black metal should not hesitate to go down on this and it surely serves well as an anniversary EP. Apart from that, Lord Impaler’s album Admire the Cosmos Black is also highly recommended, if you want to listen more from the band.


Source: http://metalinvader.net/lord-impaler-the-serpent-seal/

Review: The Serpent Seal @ About.com Entertainment

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The Internet doesn’t sit still and neither do we.

Each month we bring you a handful of unsigned bands from across the globe that deserve your attention. They run the gamut from death, black, thrash, power and progressive metal all the way to hardcore and hard rock. Born from the underground, the metal community is only as strong as its independent music scene. Support these and other unsigned bands.

Formed in 1998, this veteran Greek battalion has certainly watched trends come and go while remaining true to their biting melodic black metal. On The Serpent Seal they re-record and re-imagine four cuts from their demo days, and the resulting songs feel like they’ve carved from black ice and wrapped with barbed wire.

While the influences are audible, Lord Impaler aren’t some pastiche of frost-bitten Scandinavian black metal and Rotting Christ’s raw, scorched death.  They brandish blast beats and melodic riffage like weaponry, shifting from mid-tempo stomps to blazing Dissection passages with expertise. That’s the skill you expect from a band whose moniker implies they specialize in impaling royalty.

By Sean Frasier

Source: http://heavymetal.about.com/od/cdreviews/tp/The-Unsigned-Underground-December-2014.htm

Review: The Serpent Seal @ Ragnarok Reviews

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No gimmicks. No popularity contests.

Lord Impaler is a melodic black metal band from Greece that has recently released a special anniversary EP containing demos from 1991, 2001, and 2005 with a new coat of re-recorded paint. Serpent Seal follows several demos, splits, and a full length album. This is the first time I’ve heard of the band, but I’m sure it isn’t going to be the last after hearing this.

Serpent Seal starts off with simplistic guitar riffs providing a heavy energy not heard in most black metal I’ve listened to as of late. The drums are tight and energetic as well, with a slight punch right at the end. The vocals and guitars sync well with one another, demonstrating the melodic characteristic given to the band. “Dying” is a great introductory track featuring a small taste of what Lord Impaler was many years ago.

“Final Gates” is the longest track of the EP, demonstrating the more well known black metal sound. The guitars are simply mesmerizing, coasting from deeply menacing to an eery haunting. Again, the guitars and vocals are the main attraction, with the drums providing a solid rhythm in the background and a bass presence that is noticeable throughout but on an inconsistent basis. Although repetitive in a lot of regards, “Final Gates” somehow stays interesting as it progresses.

“Travel Through Abyss” hails from the same demo as “Final Gates”, so they sound more tied together when compared to other tracks.

“Admire The Cosmos Black” finishes the EP off with a more crazed, diabolical approach. Another favorite for sure, due to the vast difference from the previous songs.

Although Serpent Seal is a collection of previous tracks, it provides great examples of what the band has done over the years. Lord Impaler are in the process of following this up with their second full length album and I’m honestly pretty stoked to hear it when it gets closer to the release date. If you like some melodic black metal, definitely check this release as well as the band’s previous releases.

source: http://www.ragnarokreviews.com/reviews/ep-reviews/lord-impaler#.VJbsBcABC