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Review: Admire The Cosmos Black @ Blackened Horde zine

Every now and again some posts slip through my fingers and get posted late (if ever). This is one of those, back from March…

Blackened Horde zine screengrab

Black metal radio

Who says brutal can not be melodic? Me most of the time. While much of the aggression of Lord Impaler is due to Tragon’s vocals, which combines a rasp that has the strength of a growl with some guttural edge. Lord Impaler is definitely one of those bands who draws on many sources but does not pretend to be something it is not. Melodic Black Metal. There is a strong influence from Arcturus. Lord Impaler hired Knut Magne Valle to mix and master Admire The Cosmos Black. Lord Impaler also employed Hellhammer (ex-Mayhem) and Arcturus drummer to play drums on the album.

Admire The Cosmos Black is well produced but still has the edge of an album that that has a raw brutality. The keyboards are never overbearing and blend with all the single string melody of the guitar. Lord Impaler is not going for total speed. There is a great deal of variation most aptly displayed in the lengthy opus at the end Dreamtime Heresy. This is an album you can listen to start to finish no problem. But I will point out Antichristian Hordes as a favorite. People who are not fans of Black Metal can find something to love here. There are elements that remind me of dark symphonic metal for some reason a little Iron Maiden with the changes and melody.

Lord Impaler Hails from Greece and has been active since 1998. I think Admire The Cosmos Black is a RECOMMENDED BUY.

Tragon – Vocals
Lord Nebulah – Guitars
Void – Bass
Studio Drums – Hellhammer

Tracklist –
1. Twelve Thrones Eternal
2. Celebrating the Elder Spirits
3. Antichristian Hordes
4. Homage
5. Void
6. The Lord Impaler
7. Prometheus
8. Warchant
9. Hymn to the Nymphe*
10. Dreamtime Heresy


Rating: 9 out or 10
~Alaric Hannibal Barca

source: http://blackenedhorde.com/lord_impaler_review

Interview: Jan 2014, Tragon @ Blackened Horde zine (USA)

Q:    How did the band get started?
Tragon:    We started back in 1998 as a bunch of guys who wanted to be like their music idols. One thing led to another and soon we found ourselves writing our own music, releasing demos and pretty much being a proper band…

Q:   What kind of music do you play?
Tragon:    We play black metal. Melodic and with an old school air to be more specific.

Q:   How has the fan response been?
Tragon: Our fans have embraced us ever since the first days of the band, and I just can’t thank them enough for that. It gives us great strength to know that what we do means something to people out there.

Q:   Where did the band name come from?
Tragon:    The name LORD IMPALER is actually a nickname of Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula. We first encountered it in MARDUK’s album “Nightwing” and we thought it was a really good name for a black metal band.

Q:    Introduce the band members and what they do in the band.
Tragon:    The current line-up is: Tragon (vocals), Lord Nebulah (guitars), Phlegethon (bass), Nodens (drums) and Aenaon (guitars).

Q:    Who writes the music? Lyrics?
Tragon:    The majority of the music is written by Lord Nebulah, but everyone contributes with parts and ideas here and there. The lyrics are mostly my job, but again anyone else can come up with something good.

Q:    And where do the lyric ideas come from?
Tragon: My lyrics are the result of everyday philosophizing about life, it’s meaning, it’s origins. Whenever I have lingering thoughts about gods, antichristianity, ancient Hellenic pride, or anything that touches on those subjects, I will transform my ideas to lyrics for the band. My main source of inspiration are books and of course thought provoking talks with friends.

Q:   What is your view in Satanism and Occultism?
Tragon: I am not a Satanist and also not much involved with the occult. They are –for me- just another form of seeking the truth or finding a meaning in order to live a better life. They are pretty valueless for me just as any other religion, I just have them a little closer to my heart because they challenge the typical values and morals, and that is always a good thing. Lyrically I refer to Satan as a non-personified will to oppose God, even if that is just the will of a godless man…

Q:    How many albums/CD’s have you released?
Tragon: We have released one full length album, “Admire the Cosmos Black” in 2011, a 4-way split called “The Ascending Novelty” in 2008 (available only in vinyl), 4 demos, “The Lord Impaler” in 1999, “Twilight Wander” in 2001, “Promo 2005” in 2005 and “Demo 2009” in 2009, and in July 2013 we released a digital EP called “Babylon Whore” which was recently  made available as a split CD with ATHOS.

Q:   Tell me about some the songs on the latest CD?
Tragon: Babylon Whore contains two songs from our second full length album, “In Full Regalia”, which is on the making. The songs are “Babylon Whore” and “The White Dream of Ziz” and they are fast paced, melodic and quite aggressive. Lyrically the second album is a journey from challenging the gods and idols that others forced us to believe, to exploring and finally believing  in ourselves. Those two songs are part of this journey.

Q:    Do you have any side projects?
Tragon: Only Nodens has a personal band called NORTH GATE and he also plays in PROMETHEUS and KULT OF TAURUS.

Q:    Who are some of your musical influences?
Tragon: We all have different musical tastes and probably different influences, but we do have a common love for traditional black metal.

Q:    Which current bands?

Q:    What is the band like when you play live?
Tragon: We haven’t played live for a lot of time now (last show was in 2000), so I can’t answer that in all honesty. We are planning to play live this year and we are rehearsing a lot, but we can’t really tell how it is going to be on the actual stage.

Q:    Have you guys ever played in another country?
Tragon: Nope.

Q:    How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?
Tragon: Our only shows were at festivals, so people weren’t really there for us. We will have to wait and see…

Q:    How is the crowd response when you play?
Tragon: Same as above.

Q:    What do you think of the US Black Metal/Death Metal scene?
Tragon: Well, I am not a huge fan of death metal and certainly I prefer the European death metal style. There are only a handful of US death bands I really enjoy, like VITAL REMAINS and DEICIDE. On the other hand, the US black metal scene is easily one of the top 5 in my head. There are so many awesome and unique bands, from AGALLOCH to FALLS OF RAUROS, from ABSU to LURKER OF CHALICE, from DECEMBER WOLVES to WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, from JUDAS ISCARIOT to XASTHUR, everyone of them has something to offer and they all come with a great taste and quality. I do love the USBM scene!

Q:    What do you think of the Overseas scenes?
Tragon: Most of them lack the technical skills to actually stand as equals to the European and US scenes, but they are more raw and powerful and spirited, and that somewhat makes up for it. The only overseas scene that really stands out for me is the Australian, with some really hot bands, like ASTRIAAL, BE’LAKOR and WOODS OF DESOLATION.

Q:    What are some of new favorite black metal/death metal bands?
Tragon: These last months I am mostly into Greek black metal, so I probably missed a lot of what is hot in the outside world. The bands that are usually in rotation lately are HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, VIGOUR and DIABLERY, all of them from Greece. Oh, and DEN SAAKALDTE from Norway.

Q:    When do you guys plan on writing any new material?
Tragon: We are constantly writing new music. We have a new album in the works and whatever ideas may come until we release this one are also processed and stored for the future.

Q:   What does the future hold for the band??
Tragon: We plan to release an anniversary EP for the 15 years since the release of our first demo in the following months. We call it “The Serpent Seal – Το αρχέγονο σκότος επιστρέφει”, and right after that we will begin recording our follow up album “In Full Regalia”. Hopefully we will be ready to hit some stages too this summer…

Source: http://blackenedhorde.com/lord_impaler

Review: Babylon Whore split @ Headbanger Magazine

Headbanger Magazine from Peru

Headbanger Magazine from Peru

Previously I did a review of LORD IMPALER some issues back, In these times I was greatfuly surprised by the high quality of tracks of this greek band, but certainty this work it exceeds what has been done for them before. Each track is motivated by the honour of the ancient Greek warriors and inclusively I think they are back in time and they’re going to the old oracle as inspiration font. The tracks are most developed than before, it contains a full speed parts but also rhythmic parts, mid parts, all combined so perfectly that I saw a consistent growth in all their lines…Musically the band is getting a mixture between NECROMANTIA/NAER MATARON adding their own sound that it do a strongly band in the greek scene.

ATHOS was a new brand band from HELLAS I ‘m wondering with their sound, because they ‘re mixing HELLAS history with BLACK METAL.. not VIKING metal. More well, we must to call it HELLAS METAL…yezz!!! The tracks are powerful HELLAS metal, well structured, adding new thematic in their chords with rhythms that goes from the speed to slow and down tempo, enrichment with high.

I’m very glad indeed to have this kind of stuff in our pages, because I was tired to see only tons of VIKING metal there, and it’s giving a new breath into the scene…


Source: http://headbangermagazine.blogspot.gr/2013/12/reviews-december-2013.html

Review: Babylon Whore @ GreekRebels webzine

GreekRebels - Extreme Metal Webzine

GreekRebels – Extreme Metal Webzine

Οι Lord Impaler επιστρέφουν με 2 νέα κομμάτια με το νέο τους EP. Οι Έλληνες black metalers μας δίνουν 2 εντονότατα κομμάτια με πρώτο το ομώνυμο στο οποίο οι ταχύτητες είναι αρκετά υψηλές με τα blasts των drums να καταδικάζουν τον ακροατή σε ανελέητο head bangin το οποίο καταλαγιάζει με την εναλλαγή των αρκετά καλογραμμένων μελωδιών. Το δεύτερο track το “White Dream Of Ziz” είναι ακόμα πιο γρήγορο, σκοτεινό που φαντάζει να σε οδηγεί σε ένα σκοτεινό τούνελ με μόνη διέξοδο τα καταπληκτικά μελωδικά riffs που στη συνέχεια εναλλάσσονται σε ακόμα πιο εκρηκτικές ταχύτητες. Τα φωνητικά του Tragon καθώς και η παραγωγή είναι σε αρκετά υψηλό επίπεδο. Εμείς δεν έχουμε παρά να περιμένουμε το full-length album τους τη συνέχεια του “Admire The Cosmos Black”!


Στάθης Αυγέρης

Source: http://greekrebels.gr/component/content/article/35-demos/7818-lord-impaler-babylon-whore-self-financed

Review: Babylon Whore @ Nocturnal Cult webzine

Nocturnal Cult screengrab

Hell bent for metal!

Two of Greece’s most diabolical entities have combined their efforts on to this split release to ensure that mankind are enveloped in their own cloud of infernal blackness.

First up are the two tracks by Lord Impaler.  They have a blasting black metal intensity that hits hard and is relentless and that is readily evident on Babylon Whore.  The grim vocals accentuate the hyper blasts of guitars and drums before the song drops into a bit of thrash and then leaps into feverish melodic passages.  The track takes a nod from the old Swedish gods of the early 90s while continuing to alternate between a hammering groove and freezing melodies.  The White Dream Of Ziz is even more intense with its relentless initial blasts and overall frigid speed.  The arcing melodic riff is captivating and serves to pull the listener into the track’s dark majesty.  The song flows easily into a calm and moody segment filled with a mystical feel only to once again explode into nonstop speed.

Athos however are more aligned with traditional Hellenic black metal songwriting and style.  The Final Vow seethes with midtempo Greek grooves and an unmistakable set of Hellenic melodies.  The clean vocals add an esoteric flair to the track. The aggression of the track finally picks up around the 4:28 mark and you really notice a similarity to early Greek bands like Thou Art Lord and Varathron.  The next track has a Greek name, Αείζωον Πυρ.  A more midtempo, and contemplative track, it bears a striking resemblance to some Rotting Christ work.  The guitars have a nostalgic and majestic main riff that I believe hearkens to the golden era of heroes.  The one shortcoming here is a drum machine which really stands out on the cymbal strikes.

These are two forces in the Hellenic underground and you would do well to check them both out.  Dark and mysterious and each with its own personality, this split EP definitely gives you a chance to discover some new springs of everflowing darkness.  Blackened majesty is in abundance with Athos and Lord Impaler.  Take heed and fall into the abyss.

Source: http://www.nocturnalcult.com

Review: Babylon Whore split @ Metal Hammer GR

The Greek Metal Hammer magazine recently reviewed our “Babylon Whore / Were There Before They Born” split CD with Athos. This is what they think:

Scandinavian sounding black metal, full of blast beats from Lord Impaler, with melodies you might have heard before in the genre, but played with extreme ferocity. With crystal clear production which, however, creates the chaotic atmosphere the band’s music requires, I think it won’t leave any fan of the genre unsatisfied.

The untranslated text follows…

Metal Hammer GR shot

Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal mag.

Δυο black metal μπάντες ενώνουν τις δυνάμεις τους σε τούτο το split που λάβαμε από τους Lord Impaler.

Black metal με σκανδιναβικό ήχο, τίγκα στο blastbeat από τους Lord Impaler (8/10), με κάποιες μελωδίες που μπορεί πιθανώς να έχετε ξανακούσει στο ιδίωμα, παιγμένες δε με ιδιαίτερα βάναυσο τρόπο. Με παραγωγή πεντακάθαρη που, ωστόσο, δημιουργεί τη χαοτική ατμόσφαιρα που απαιτεί η μουσική της μπάντας, νομίζω ότι δεν θ’ αφήσει δυσαρεστημένο κανέναν οπαδό του είδους.

Οι Athos (7/10), από την άλλη πλευρά, ακούγονται σαφέστατα πιο παλιομοδίτες και περισσότερο σε αυτό που ονομάζουμε ελληνική black metal σκηνή. Επίσης 2 κομμάτια που ίσως σας θυμίσουν παμπάλαιους Rotting Christ ή ίσως Varathron, σ’ ελαφρώς πιο μοντέρνα εκδοχή.

Για τους οπαδούς της εγχώριας black σκηνής, εδώ έχουμε ένα split ότι πρέπει.

Review: Panos Faropoulos

Review: Babylon Whore @ Zombie Ritual Zine

Zombie Ritual zine screengrab

Underground Heavy Metal News

These Greek demons continue writing their own history, and this time it’s a two songs EP that is supposed to be included in a Split with AENAON ATHOS. Well, what I have here is the digital promo with the two opus completely drowned in blood and pain. The band is coming again from misty and tenebrous roads of aggressive black metal, and music is very well balanced between melody and sinister atmospheres. Everything is tied by a Scandinavian touch that would freeze your balls (or pussy) since the first notes. Also, the production is high octane and sounds really corrosive and brutal. If you ask me, both tracks are like two black serpents spiting poison direct to your face while they are deadly dancing in vomit. Yes, this is ultra recommended!!

– Victor Varas

Source: http://zombieritualzine.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/lord-impaler-babylon-whore-ep-review-at-zombie-ritual-zine/

Review: Babylon Whore split @ Daemonum Zine

Daemonum screengrab

Official blog of the Daemonum Zine.

 En turno tenemos un split de 4 canciones de los proyectos Lord Impaler y Athos que emergen desde la tierra del black metal Helénico.
Las 2 primeras blasfemias corren a cargo de Lord Impaler ejecutando un black metal melódico, pero con un estilo un poco más enfocado al sonido escandinavo que al clásico griego. Los cortes son: Babylon whore y The white dream of Ziz, tremendamente rápidos y con riffs furiosos respaldados por la batería de George Trakas (Mass Infection). Grabados en los Infected Studios y masterizados por George Stounaras, estos 2 temas son un avance de lo que vendrá en su segundo álbum que espero pronto salga a la luz.
En el lado contrario esta Athos cuya musica y letras son creadas por un solo hombre: Kerveros.
El black metal de Athos es más atmosférico y con un toque épico proporcionado por los coros limpios del mismo Kerveros.
La primera canción The Final Vow es magnífica, tienen una duración de 8 minutos y medio que se te van como agua. La segunda Αείζωον Πυρ quiero pensar que esta cantada en griego y noto cierta influencia de los grandes Necromantia y Zemial por los teclados, el ambiente oscuro de la composición y la melodía hipnotizante.
Gran Split de estos 2 proyectos que cada uno en su estilo particular de black metal son realmente muy talentosos; es una lástima que dure tan poco (22 min.). Súper recomendado. 9/10