The Band


Lord Impaler is a Hellenic melodic black metal act. Unlike most Greek black metal bands, our musical direction has a strong scandinavic flavor. Unlike the majority of contemporary metal bands that succumbed to the triumph of ‘fragmentaire’, we present a kind of black metal that is rarely met anymore, pure to the tradition and the origin, presented in a modern way and worked with stellar technics.

Formed in late 1998 in Kastoria, Greece, we proceeded to record and release our first demo “The Lord Impaler” in 1999, followed by “Twilight Wander” in 2001. We also gave 2 live shows in 1999 and 2000. Then the band went into hiatus. Risen from the dead in 2005, we discarded most of our old stuff and went on to release “Promo 2005”. In 2008 we participated in a 4-way split released on 10″ vinyl format under the title “The Ascending Novelty”. In 2009 we released another demo under the very original title “Demo 2009”, showcasing music of our forthcoming debut album.

In 2010 we finished the recordings of our first full-length album “Admire the Cosmos Black” which was under constant development since 2005. The album contains 10 tracks spanning over 1 hour in duration and was released in 2011 (self financed). It was mixed and mastered at Molla Lydstudio by Knut M. Valle. Drums were performed by the legendary Hellhammer (Mayhem). It has received very good comments and got “Pick of the Month” by the greek Metal Hammer mag (September 2011, Hellenic Assault).

We currently work on new matterial for our second album.


Current lineup consists of Tragon, Lord Nebulah and Phlegethon.

Our past members are:

Paris Alexios Zois – Bass (2000 – 2010)
Michael Temelkos – Synth (2000 – 2009)
Jim Kallinikos – Guitars (1998 – 2004)
Natassa Hasapi – Female vocals (2000 – 2003)
Pantelis Koulouklidis – Drums (2000 – 2001)
John Sotiriou – Drums (1999 – 2000)
Tasos Karataglidis – Bass (1998)
Jim Melidoniotis – Drums (1998)



Phlegethon joined the band.


We released “Admire the Cosmos Black” debut full length album, after over 5 years in the making! Going to Norway to mix and master, featuring Hellhammer in the drumset and finally getting it done was actually many dreams come true at the same time.


Void left the band after a decade being in our ranks.


We released “Demo 2009” to showcase music from our forthcoming debut album.

Nosferatu left the band.


We released the -long awaited- 4-way split “The Ascending Novelty“, where we participated along with Nethescerial, Crossover and The Eternal Darkness.


We released “Promo 2005“. The songs were recorded back in 2003 but we left them hanging around for various reasons. 4 years to release a demo is way too long however, so we got back to work and at that very moment we began to make plans for our debut album “Admire the Cosmos Black“.


We changed our logo in April. Ilias Giouroukis did a great job with the old one, but the new band logo serves us better.

Azaghal, a founding member, left the band since he was obviously no longer interested in it.


We released our first serious demo, “Twilight Wander“. We had 7 members at that point, which is hard to juggle, and when we started dropping live shows for one reason or the other things went downhill. Luckily we survived.


We recorded a rehearsal of ours and spread it to some friends as a demo under the title “The Lord Impaler“. We also did our first gig that summer. Good times!


Lord Impaler were formed in September 28 or 29. We didn’t really think it was important to remember the date back then. However, the very first mention of the band in public was in October 1st, 1998.

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